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Matching trunk & shin angle - get swiping 👈 • Saw @danbeaven17 in clinic last week, a motocross turn enduro mountain-bike rider. Over the past little while, he’s been struggling with a “tight” posterior right hip, especially squatting to full depth. Sometimes it’s just tight, other times he gets acute sacroiliac joint/lower back pain. • Initially our interventions were focussed on mobility - he follows a lot of the good work by @mobilitywod. That made sense, give the joint more space at the bottom of the squat & load as per normal. With the issue being unresolved, we’ve started to look at how the joint is loaded, paying particular attention to the eccentric control of hamstrings & glutes at the bottom of the range. • That’s where front foot elevated split squats come in. Our key focus is matching trunk & shin angles to get full depth out of the posterior hip. The first video I gave him no cues, & you can see how disconnected he is. He reported that movement to feel easy. The 2nd video I cued him to focus on hinging the hip to facilitate the range - see how much more connected his trunk & shin angles are. He reported that movement as feeling tighter, suggesting that we’re getting the end of range eccentric load into the target structures. He will now go away & load this movement as an accessory to his normal training load. • Struggling with the bottom range of your squat? Why not give these a go & let us know how you get on 💪 • • • #squat #squatter #squats #squatting #squatsfordays #lunge #lunges #lungesandsquats #rehab #rehabilitation #sportsrehab #sportsrehabilitation #sports #sport #enduro #enduromtb #endurolife #mtb #mtblife #biker #exercise #exercisemotivation #exercisescience #fituk #fitnessuk #fitfamuk #farnham #surrey #surreylife #crossfit 7 ♡ 0 ✍ March 20