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Sultan Bahu Center, home of Saberas children’s home. The flagship project of the Sultan Bahu Centre. Every year the sultan bahu hosts their annual fete where the Muslim community, part of the Sultan Bahu institute, come together under the motto “to serve Allah through serving humanity”. All the funds raised are used in the running of the children’s home, cataract surgeries that are done for those who urgently need it, dialysis, feeding and hamper distractions and drug rehabilitation centres four of which are based in Cape Town and working hand in hand with Jiss centre in Johannesburg. Insha’Allah through the provisions of Allah عزوجل the All Provider, the Sultan Bahu Center has plans to expand the drug rehabilitation centres throughout South Africa, as well as a private clinic for dialysis treatment. All of these facilities are open to every single person across South Africa and beyond. The Zikr performed by “the guys from Cape Town”, spend their itikaaf in the sultan Bahu Masjid every year. They have previously been in the drug rehabilitation program and have found reformation. Alhumdullilah This clip provided was taken in Ramadan 2017 during the last ten days where we spend most of our nights in ibadat. Unfortunately the clip fails to fully capture the true grandeur and power of the dikr. The energy is ecstatic. 💖✨ “Heal a heart, by serving Allah through serving humanity” ❣️ #sultanbahu #rehab #orphanage #cataractsurgery #dialysis #socialwork #fortheloveofhumanity #seek #allah #humanity #mosque #community #healaheart #heal #kindness #love #love #love #muslim #islam #salaah #sunset #nature #clouds #photography 4 ♡ 0 ✍ March 20