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DAILY CARD: Wednesday 21st March, 2018 ~* THE LADY OF THE LAKE *~ Truth - Courage - Self-respect... The Lady of the Lake represents the highest order of respect for yourself and the manner in which you operate in the world around you. She is the harsher element of truth, where denial is swept away by a tidal wave of events. In the ancient legend of Avalon, the Lady of the Lake presented Merlin wit the sword of truth, which had been claimed by Arthur, who became High King of Britain. The magic that welded the metal was fired by the will of the God/Goddess. Consequently, when the Lady of Lake appears, she demands nothing short of total truth and integrity; she asks you to be mindful of all the signs, signals and omens that present themselves to you. This is not the time to second guess. If a signal appears, be assured that a challenge has been presented. Moving forward without acknowledgement of the challenge will result in unnecessary difficulties. If the signal is to move, she pushes you to act. Do so for a victory is imminent. Regardless of your question, the message is to take care when the Lady of the Lake appears, as serious business is at stake. The Lady reminds you of your personal responsibility in shaping your reality and its consequences. Seek the sword of truth within yourself and great success will be yours. Have courage for the strength of Avalon is behind you in support of your quest for wholeness and abundance. Have a wonderful day! Brightest blessings, Leigh ^j^ LIKE. FOLLOW. SHARE VISIT >> https://touchedbyanangelhealings.blogspot.com.au/ #Wednesday #WednesdayMotivation #oraclecards #empath #Psychic #medium 0 ♡ 0 ✍ March 21

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Happy Spring Equinox🤗🌅🌻✨ Angel message!✨💛👼💛✨ beautiful Ascension light codes of energy flowing in! The Angels communicated; Shift your thoughts and plant the seeds of what you want to manifest! focus only on what you want to manifest! (Law of attraction) ASK the Angels of abundance to help you! Time to spread your wings and fly! Stand in your own power! Life your life with joy!🤗 What makes your heart sing!🎼 Set yourself free of any fears! Be free like a bird, fly higher! Their are no limits that hold you back in life; you hold yourself back! SET YOURSELF FREE✨🕊✨ Let the light🌟Set you Free! I'm sensing more Healing old karma; energies for clearing; and raising your energy vibrations higher level! The Angels communicated using this beautiful red Cardinal bird photo! Symbolize wisdom that is within your soul! Time to teach what you know to others! Red❤️ fuels your passions in life! Your dreams and setting your intentions for what your heart desire in manifesting! ArchAngel Nathaniel👼❤️ Helps us on our life purpose and works with ArchAngel Micheal👼💙 on guided us on our life purpose! ArchAngel Nathaniel - helps us stop prograstinating! Helps us move forward! This Angel aura orb is red❤️ Works through us to help us on our dreams and goals! This Angels opens up new doors of opportunity!🚪 Ask your guardian angels, archangel Nathaniel👼❤️ angels of abundance to help you manifest your dreams and goals! Angel,unicorn blessings! Peace&love&light🌎💛👼💛🦄🌈💫 #happyspring #manifestyourdreams #newbeginnings #manifestyourreality #joy #lifepurpose #lawofattraction #angelsofabundance #archangelnathaniel #intuitive #medium #lifecoach #weareone 0 ♡ 0 ✍ March 21