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#Bohby needs #help. — Bohby's life started out pretty horrific and to no surprise, he developed separation anxiety at a very early age. For the past five years, he's been passed around from home to home, shelter to shelter. None of these places addressed his separation anxiety, so it has gone unmanaged all of this time. And clearly, such instability has not helped one bit. — Despite all of this, Bohby is still a very sweet, happy guy. He loves going for walks and romping around the yard. Inside the house, he is very well behaved and easy going, preferring mostly to lounge around or even better - cuddle with you. —- Separation anxiety is nothing new to us, as we've helped plenty of dogs with this challenge in our 10 years in rescue. Each case is different - what works for one dog can not necessarily be applied to the next. Most dogs with true separation anxiety are never "cured," however improvements can be made to the point that the separation anxiety can be managed, thus allowing the dog to live a happy, healthy life. —- We have been able to chisel away at Bohby's separation anxiety. The answer is not "he needs someone who is home all of the time," as that is not realistic, nor is that helpful for a dog like Bohby. He needs someone who is not gone for long hours each day. Bohby thrives on routine and stability, something he lacked prior to coming to MABB. —- We have found a kennel that works well for Bohby when he is home alone and will supply his adopter with this kennel. He is currently on anxiety meds and should continue this with his adopter. And most importantly, Bohby needs someone who is patient and understanding and willing to give him a chance to prove what an absolutely amazing dog he is, despite his anxieties. ❤️ — We believe that dogs like Bohby deserve a chance. Please help us help Bohby. No more being passed around - what he needs this time is a forever home. www. midatlanticbullybuddies.org 7 ♡ 1 ✍ March 24