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we talkin’ macros 📢 . i have tracked macros on and off for a year or two now, and i cannot say enough good things about it! for someone like me who lives for the ‘exercise’ side, but reeeeally struggles with with the ‘diet’ side...counting macros was a game changer. prepare yo’self:👇🏻 . HOW IT WORKS: using a tracking app, like @myfitnesspal or mymacros+, you keep track of your overall calories, as well as three macronutrients: 1️⃣protein 2️⃣carbs 3️⃣fats - you have daily goals (grams) for each macro and you log your food in the app to keep count. i know it is tedious at first, but it honestly does get so much easier if you stick with it! make it a game. after about 2 weeks i really got into a rhythm. . REASONS I LIKE IIFYM: i get wild cravings. i think we all do. and when i do, if i’m really restrictive, i’m super likely to cheat...which then usually leads to the “throw the whole day away” philosophy and next thing i know i’ve eaten the whole sleeve of oreos and 20 other things along with it. lovely! . ▫️ FLEXIBILITY: using macros is like using a budget. if you want a couple oreos, totally fine! just know you’ll cut into your budget for carbs, fats, and sugar. so you plan the rest of your foods around that, eating less of those macros. but you can accommodate anything if you plan ahead!! another name for counting macros is ‘flexible dieting’ 😉 or ‘if it fits your macros’...because if it fits your macros, eat it! you choose what you want to spend your macros money on 💰 ▫️ KNOWLEDGE: tracking for just a few months, you will learn SO 👏🏻 MUCH 👏🏻 about food and your body. you you will learn how to BALANCE your daily intake, and let me tell you...it made a difference in my physique pretty quickly and i just felt loooads better. the other amazing thing about flexible dieting is that you learn about what’s really in food. it has you looking at labels in a responsible way, and you’ll be shocked at what you thought was healthy, but is really trash. . i could talk on this subject forever (clearly) but really just want to encourage others to consider iifym! if you’re still hanging on at the end of this novel and have questions...lemme know 🤗 13 ♡ 1 ✍ March 21