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🍩 + 🧘🏼‍♀️ ?! YUM, YES PLEASE. Lizzie Braicks-Rinker is the genius behind the killer combination that is donuts + down dog (@donutsanddowndog). She’s also today’s #FierceFemale and a fuckin dynamo to boot! 🍩🐶 When I first met Lizzie, she was the manager of a yoga studio. During our first convo, her light, energy and infectious positivity radiated off her and I immediately joined the studio. (Honestly!) After a series of events led her to leave the full-time yoga life (NO!!! LIZZIE, WE MISS YOU!!!!!! You can read her honest, raw and brave piece about this here: https://www.elephantjournal.com/2018/02/yoga-my-one-true-love-until-the-accident-made-me-hate-it/) 🍩🐶 And while her leaving was a major bummer (I miss her tunes and energy!), this means she’s been able to revamp and re-energize Donuts + Down Dog. The vulnerability, authenticity and love she puts into the site, her social media and real talk, just her life, is awe-inspiring. So I asked her to be today’s #FFF and picked her brain on how she stays so down in a social media and wellness world which can sometimes be so fake. 🍩🐶 “I get really frustrated by the internet sometimes, because it's all beautiful pictures and these thoughtful captions and that's just not realistic for most people,” Lizzie says. “I think we all are getting tired of the fake-ness.” PREACH. So, she keeps it real. Like real real. (See pic #3) “The internet has been such a great community for me in so many stages of life- I'm really committed to making it a great space for somebody who needs to feel like they belong somewhere.” 🍩🐶 But that don’t mean it’s always easy: “I am such a perfectionist and set CRAZY high standards for myself that aren't realistic or achievable. I'm really trying to let go of the fear of judgement around that perfection and just be my damn self. As somebody in the wellness space I still really struggle with what I look like vs. what I THINK a fitness person should look like. I'm making a huge effort to embrace my body more IRL and online. Whenever I do, the feedback is incredible.” [I mean, SHE’S INCREDIBLE, isn’t she??] 🍩🐶 #shawcroftcoaching #liveonpurpose #coaching #lifecoach #onpurpose #onpurpose 0 ♡ 0 ✍ March 23

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My freedom. . As I woke up today I sank into how bloody amazing it is to have FREEDOM! . Many of you know that Ryan is quite sick and out of commission this week and there is a bit more on my plate with all that is going on here and the businesses! . When I woke up and grabbed my special connecting essential oil blend I made up, I sat in gratitude for saying YES to things I was scared to start! . Do you feel a whisper within you to start something? Leave something? But you're scared. . I invite you to go into all you want and imagine what will become available for you when you say yes! . Did you know that I didn't want to grow another home business? I was scared to go all in on my coaching business, but night after night at 2am my Soul would wake me and fill my heart with different ways these oils, my coaching, teaching MY way of flowing could help more women COME HOME and FINALLY live their dreams! . So I said YES when I was scared. . I trusted my soul. Scary sh*t. . But today.... when the week winds down and I can honour myself, my team, our clients, I think "what the hell was I thinking living my life in fear for all that time?!" . Follow your soul, it is your golden key to freedom! • • • • • #gratitude #abundance #mindfulness #lawofattraction #grateful #spirituality #spiritjunkie #selflove #meditation #loveandlight #positivity #thankful #namaste #lightworker #consciousness #positive #enlightenment #joy #lifecoach #thesecret #manifest #kindness #selfcare #loa #universe #awakening 3 ♡ 0 ✍ March 23