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IM GOING TO NEED THE LADIES TO CHIME IN BECAUSE I CAN ONLY EXPLAIN FROM MY POINT OF VIEW AS A MALE! The double standard is societal rule that states women can't do certain things that me and can even though it may be the same thing. Especially pertaining to sex. Now the instance that I always hear about what the double standard is that men can have sex with a hundred women and it's okay but if women do it, they get bad labels such as whores or "hoes" if you're from the hood. I me personally do not feel that way let me explain why. Guys care about how many men a woman has sex with but not for the reasons you think. Let's say I kick it with you (woman reading this) and in the course of our relationship I find out about a couple of your past sexual partners and you may feel that I may start or have started to act a certain way towards you. Now you think that I am looking down on you because I'm thinking that you have been "passed around". No that's not it. What people fail to realize is that it's a small world as they say and I know the dudes that you had sex with but that's not the point. I know that the one guy you have sex with goes to the gym with me and he doesn't wash up and always smells like ass. I also know that he has sex with a girl who he thought had an STD but he still did it. And I heard he was in jail kissing boys. So it's not that you have sex with a bunch of people it's just certain ones. Men don't really care about your sexual past. Think about it has a guy ever asked you "Are you a virgin?" and got up and left when you said "No"?. Chime in #repost #moors #black #history #kings #queens #brothers #sisters #ladies #gentlemen #men #women #knowledge #power #peace #truth #real #relationships #sex 0 ♡ 0 ✍ March 22