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*** 타볼로24의 대표 시그니처 메뉴인 ‘수원왕갈비’ 입니다. 음식 칼럼니스트 황교익님이 ‘죽기전에 꼭 먹어야 할 음식’ 으로 선정할 만큼 최고의 맛을 자랑합니다. 타볼로24에서는 런치, 디너 언제든 수원왕갈비를 만나보실 수 있습니다. * 수원 왕갈비의 유래 . 해방무렵, ‘화춘옥’이라는 해장국집에서 해장국에 갈비를 넣어 주는 것으기로 인기를 끌기 시작했는데 한 손님이 ‘이렇게 큰 갈비를 국물에 넣지 말고 그냥 따로 불에 구워 먹어보자’며 제안했고 그 맛에 반하여 숯불에도 구워 보고 양념도 바꿔보며 연구를 한 끝에 1956년 처음으로 ‘수원갈비’가 판매되기 시작했다. ​ 수원갈비는 오랜 경험과 전총에 의해 맛을 내고 있으며 부드럽고 좋은 맛 뿐 아니라 크기에서도 유명했는데, 한 대에 5m 이상 되는 크기로 혼자서 한 대를 다 먹지 못 할 정도로 푸짐해 ‘왕갈비’라는 이름을 얻었다. 또 간장대신 소금으로 간을 맞춰 산뜻한 맛과 신선한 색상이 그대로 살아있어 혀뿐 아니라 눈까지 즐겁게 해 주었다. ** Tavolo24’s signature menu ‘Suwon Wang Galbi’. Food columnist Hwang Gyo An choose as ‘Food to eat before people die’. You can find it both at lunch and dinner anytime. * History One of the most popular Galbi soup restaurants in Suwon city started selling its charcoal-grilled ribs in 1956, because one of its customers had suggested to make it grill rather than it’s inside soup. ​ Suwon Galbi is known not only for its soft and sweet taste but also for its size, so that it can not be eaten at least five meters of full volume each time. The fresh taste and fresh color of the sauce are made of salt rather than soy sauce, making it enjoyable for the eyes as well as the tongue. . 16 ♡ 2 ✍ March 23

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In case you didn't know, the JW Marriott now has it's own brewing set up. St. Martin's run brewing operations here and have 4 of their own Beers on tap. On tap - Belgian Wit, German Hefeweizen, Belgian Dark Abbey Ale & Tripel. The Tripel Appearance fine but missing a fluffy head that you'd normally expect. Not sure if this is a poor pour, dispensing issue or something to do with the brewing process itself. On the aromatics, the correct profile but high on alcohol notes. Plenty of yeast driven phenols - more on the spicy (peppery) side. Taste profile - malty, spicy with a slight amount of expected hop bitterness ending in a dry finish. Moderate carbonation and the body is on the lighter side. What really surprised me with a salty note in the finish. Something you'd expect with a Gose but not a Tripel. I remember George Jacob @the_beer_chronicles_india and I trying out St. Martin's on tap at Watson's and we got the same finish on the beers and were perplexed. Belgian Dark The Belgian Dark had an interesting spicy aroma mixed in with the very evident caramel and toffee & Christmas cake like aromas. Sadly there was hardly any carbonation or any head retention whatsoever. On the palate , flimsy - too thin and no carbonation dulled all the other flavors. I'd like to say the flavor followed the aroma but the lack of carbonation did it in for me. German Hefeweizen I don't know where to start with this one. I see haze but not the cloudiness one would expect with a typical Hefe and no this wasn't a Kristal weizen either. Flat once again - little to no carbonation - poor head retention. Aromas - extremely faint esters and phenols. All I could get is a hint of vanilla. On the palate a big miss on the flavor profile. Simply not up to the mark. Did not order the Wit. Overall Impresion Whether it's a dispensing issue or staff that have improper training or an issue with the brewing process or a combination of all 3, you'd expect 5 star beers at a luxury 5 star property especially when you are forking out Rs. 350 for a 330ml pint. Hope this is NOT a repeat of what happened at Hoot. #talesoffroth #spiceterrace #jwmarriott #bangalore #stmartins #craftbeer 40 ♡ 1 ✍ March 23