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‘These Are The Days’ is now available for your ears/minds/souls on my Soundcloud (and soon on other platforms) link in bio // take a listen 💕———————————————————————— wrote this song while soaking in the tub one late night last week. Since the soak/meditation was sacral-chakra based, I had the carnelian, moonstone, & rose quartz on deck. The creative vibes came straight from the skies and I legit wrote 5 BANGERZ back to back in the MF tub. This is the first one I started on and I literally didn’t sleep for a week getting this crystallized for y’all/me/God/Universe. @shawsounds_ was kind enough to fulfill my request and the very next day I was at his spot getting his sax and flute down. (Thank you brotha) ————————————————————————There’s a message here. There’s love, truth, and intentions here. And I do hope that you soak it ALL in! Play it during your meditation, while hotboxin’ with the homies, while spring cleanin’ the house, witcha mama and uncles and them (cause the OGs are gonna f— with it too TRUST) — also share share share! If you don’t feel like going thru the repost hassle I will personally send you this video! People need to hear the message! Also send vids of you vibing out to it so I can repost! I want nothing more for this artistry thing to be an even exchange of give and receive! Your support is appreciated! THESE ARE THE DAYS! OUR DAYS! 228 ♡ 91 ✍ March 23