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Swipe left! 95% of #rainforests depend on animals just for #seeddispersing. With a little help of many animals, #trees can grow all over rainforests. Some of those animals can be #Elephants: #Pachyderms are very good gardeners. They not only help to clear the forests as they walk by, but they eat a lot of fruits whenever they’re available, and disperse seeds on their 💩. #Hornbills: Over 50 sp of these birds are among primary seed sowers in the #tropicalforests of #Africa and #Asia. They’re known to disperse at least 750 sp of fruit trees! #Primates: they're pretty important seed dispersers as well. They consume diets rich in a variety of fruits and defecate the #seeds. Some even plant them liberally as they forage! #Tapirs: Also known to be #gardenersoftheforests, as they disperse seeds throughout the forests. #Rodents: Some rodents, like #agoutis and #squirrels like to hide their fruits and seeds in the soil and cover them with dirt or leaves. Sometimes, they don’t remember where they hid their seeds, and they germinate! #Fruitbats: not only do plants need bats as #pollinators (500 sp of plants!), but also as seed dispersers, spreading seeds in places where other animals might not venture, helping with the restoration of the forests. __ El 95% de los #bosquestropicales dependen de los animales solo para la #dispersióndesemillas. Con un poco de ayuda de muchos animales, los #árboles pueden crecer en las #selvastropicales. Algunos de esos animales pueden ser #Elefantes: los paquidermos son muy buenos jardineros. No solo ayudan a limpiar los bosques cuando caminan, sino que comen muchas frutas cuando están disponibles y dispersan las semillas en su 💩. #Cálao: más de 50 especies de estas #aves se encuentran entre los principales sembradores de semillas en los bosques tropicales de África y Asia. Se sabe que dispersan al menos 750 sp de árboles frutales! La traducción en español sigue en los comentarios! All photos belong to their respective owners. 71 ♡ 2 ✍ March 22