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: 【Day 23: Masks and couples👺👫】 In Japanese lore, Kamen (mask) Fufu (married couple) is a superficial couple, a loveless couple. Shunsuke and Mai are the opposite of this - they are an awesome couple, they love masks and they are on a mission to change the perception of Kamen Fufu vida their project Kamen Fufu Project (@kamenfufuproject - kamemfufuproject.tumblr.com). They were also my CouchSurfing hosts for 2 delightful and fun days in the surroundings of Ibusuki, in ther southwest end of Kyushu. They are such a fun and interesting couple and there's so much I loved to learn about them, but their Kamen Fufu Project definitely was the coolest. Maybe because they gifted me my own mask to paint. 😁 Or maybe because they love Celtic culture and flew all the way to Ireland to get married on the remote island of Inishmore! 🇮🇪 Or maybe their love for cats, especially the 2 neko-chans they adopted, Chiqwa and Tamako 🐾 For my mask, I chose the Tengu, famous in Japanese folklore and Shinto religion as a kami (god), yōkai (supernatural being), demon or "simply" a protective, if still dangerous, spirit of the mountains and forests (source: Wikipedia). 👺🌳⛰️ Today we went hiking to the top of Onodake, where we saw the 108 Chaju steps, each step meant to symbolize a year of life (Chaju means 108 years old). We each stopped at the step of our age and looked down and back to our past, and up and forward to our future. And we wished we can all stand at the top of the stairs one day. 😁 We also visited a really old herb garden, where we spent 1 hour sniffing leaves and getting high on Nature! 👃🏼🌿 Oh, and we took pictures of Kamen Fufu. Loads of pictures! And now I'm sleepless on an 11h ferry to Yakushima island, my mind racing with all the nice memories of my 2 new nakama (good friends). 😊 ありがとうございます Shunsuke & Mai, I'm really glad you answered my CouchSurfing request and accepted to host me. 🙏🏼 7 ♡ 1 ✍ March 24