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#PlaatjesClub #plaatjesdraaien #spinningvinyl #vinylcontest #musiclovers #2ManyDJs #musicloversoftheworlduniteandtakeover #contestwithfriends #madeupcontest #45rpm #singlevinyl #tracksonwax #drinkingbeerwithfriends & #enjoyingmusic & #guiltypleasures Just imagine way back then, in your youth, still living at your parents you’ve started collecting which turned into a huge amount of vinyl and CD’s, made many many, many cassettetapes with private compilations and suddenly somewhere in time it appeared you’re not alone! They become your friends, strangly behaving guys with an rare appetite for strange flavours, but okay you call them your friends and you discover you share another hobby ; drinking beer. So far this is your life. What do you do next ? That’s easy ! You invent some silly game and make up some stupid contestrules in order to bring your own treasures on wax, put them on the turntable and try to beat them with your Good Taste. Everybody comments on everyone’s tracks by silently making notes during the listening and in the end these hugely overstated and overrated remarks are spoken out publicly #inyerface. The Winner will be rewarded for life with this superhuman achievement and his Superb Outstanding Good Taste and praised and worshiped and after that we will never invite him no more 😤🤬 ...And inbetween and in the meantime we drink beer & beer & beer. #lifeisgood #lifeistoogood! Please see also my labour of love before this one. 7 ♡ 0 ✍ March 14