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Mini me has taught me more than I ever learned from school, Google, YouTube & all social media combined. 📝 I once told him we'll only buy things that can be resold or given away and at the age of 4 he hit me with an unforgettable surprise. A beautiful summer we were playing with his cool cars and I asked if I could use one of his coolest & fastest cars and he told me "nope, it's too expensive". 😮 Disappointed I went into a different room and cut paper perfectly for a while and made it look like money and I came back with a lot of it to buy the car. He went "awesome, here you go pappa and took the whole bunch". Before I turned around he said "wait". I thought to myself "what now?" Before I knew it he had aligned all his cars in front of me and I asked "what's up?" He said "since you've got a lot of money now I thought maybe you'd like another one cause I've got a few more". I was very shocked but also somewhat proud at the same time. I said but you took all the cash, I'll be back some other time.. He stared at me, looked around real quick and then grabbed half the money he'd made earlier, handed it to me and said "see, you can borrow some of mine and buy a second car". 😳 *Just like that at the age of 4, his first income starts working for him*. I thought I was shocked enough before for going broke after buying a fast car but now I'm also in debt and the money I spent is kinda being used against me to make even more for somebody else. 😱 So to test him I asked politely "thanks for borrowing me some of your money but how am I supposed to repay you?" He said don't worry while at the same time he was aligning every toy & everything he owns in front of me and told me if I bought all of it he'd let me go (with an attitude), he even built a barrier around me in case I tried to escape. 🤕 (Somewhere deep inside he knew I owed him, so in his mind he had the right to do whatever he wanted). 🤔 I sat down on the floor and told the boy "if I had what you have in you at your age, my life would look a whole lot different by now". Of course he wouldn't get it but he definitely will some day. - Some people are just born with it lol, while others learn the hard way. 😄👑✨ 0 ♡ 1 ✍ March 22