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DEADLFITING MISTAKE ...🙈🙈🙈.... • Having watched a few people deadlift recently I’ve noticed most of them lockout the lift with an excessive lean back. • This is not only incorrect but also dangerous as they are compressing the lumbar spine under load which can lead to pain in the lower back during or after lifting and probable lower back issues long term if they continue to lockout incorrectly, there is also the risk of serious injury. • The finish of the deadlift should be marked by a solid hip extension, which is created by the hips thrusting forward until the bar physically stops them from travelling any further. • Many people, however, continue on by hyper-extending the lumbar spine (excessively leaning back) at the expense of the hips. This is completely unnecessary. • Remember that the lumbar spine should be locked into extension from the set up and remain that way until the end of the lift. • The muscles responsible for holding this position do so with an isometric contraction. This means the shape of the lumbar spine has no need to change during the lift. In most cases, the lifter may simply be unaware of how to properly use there hips during the deadlift. This can be a result of the glutes not being strong enough to finish the movement, so they rely on using their lower backs excessively to help complete the lift. • To correct this and address the weakness in the glutes, use less weight and focus on proper technique to reinforce the correct movement pattern. If not, the added lumbar stress will one day catch up with you. • SUMMARY 👇🏻 Finish the deadlift with strong and powerful hip extension. Stand tall and resist the urge to lean back. #tipoftheday #deadlift #mistakes #fitness #fit #fitnessjourney #weightlossjourney #weights #technique #scotfitpersonaltraining #personaltrainer #weight #fitfam #fitspo #strong #healthy #healthychoices #healthylifestyle #exercise #weightlifting #instafit #fitspiration 0 ♡ 0 ✍ March 22