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It’s been an interesting week. A week that has offered a great deal of opportunity to grow. I don’t say that because I’m a blind optimist. I really choose to view challenges in that way. I met with one of my business partners over lunch yesterday. I assume he could sense that my energy was low. I haven’t set out on this journey to fool you into thinking this entrepreneur sh*t is easy. It isn’t and I’m human like everyone else. As soon as I sat down I went in on what I was experiencing with one of my businesses. I didn’t vent. I was direct and objective. No complaints. Just information. “I know you’re frustrated, but what you have built is the sh*t. You’re golden. You’re almost there. And we’re going to get you there.” Those are words I didn’t ask for, but he gifted me with them. It really made me do some searching within myself. Part of my problem is that I never express anything negative. I feel like it is selfish. I’m not here to project negativity into anyone’s life, but I have to understand that there are people who genuinely want to be there for me. I believe complaining is a sign of weakness and I have to get better at allowing people to support me the way I so desperately feel called to support them. True and oddly enough, there are people out there who want you to fail. However, there are also people that can’t wait to see you win. They will inject belief into you when your belief in yourself is running low. Those are the only people that deserve your energy. Keep them near and love them genuinely. God didn’t put them there on accident and as much as we want to believe we can do it alone, we can’t. Realizing that is a sign of real strength. Don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise. God Is Love, André 5 ♡ 1 ✍ March 24

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You can't see it, but I'm smiling so hard under all my layers 😀 . . And lately that's all I have been doing! I've been so fortunate to be surrounded by people that make me genuinely happy and laugh till my gut hurts. The connections I have made with people so far this year are absolutely phenomenal, and with that I learn more about myself all the time. . Back in December I decided I wanted to do specific things in 2018. This being a combination. I want to do more outdoor activities, as I was unable in the past few years. As well as have more spontaneous adventures! Yesterday afternoon I randomly decided that laundry was not nearly as important as putting all my faith in my car to carry me out to the mountains. And I'm so happy I did 😊 pushing myself into slopes I didnt think I could do, only to find out what my body is really capable of and seeing my progression over the years. . Shout out for the inspiration to go skiing, you know who you are ⛷. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #skiing #albertamountains #rockiemountains #achievinggoals #wantingmore #inspired #lovelypeopleeverywhere #sohappyallthetime #mynosegotcold #adventuresoutthere #changeishappening #changeofmindset #positivevibes #vegancommunity #veganlove #starwars #stormtrooper #newfriends #prefectweather #perfectconditions #bestkindoftherapy #nature #getoutside #findyourvibe #onlyhad5hoursofsleep #dayoff #perfectlyspent #goingtobesoretomorrow #totoallyworthit #2018theyearofliving 2 ♡ 0 ✍ March 24