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From @elizabethwriter. Pretty Girls|•| Sometimes I wonder why I comment on those makeup -wearing stick thin pretty girls instagram posts. I can almost see the disguise they put on to keep that image, the air they suck in to keep their stomachs flat after a spice bag, the replies, 'same goes' 'thanks stun'. I get the same emotion I put into the comments, back. Maybe I do it, so they realise I'm still here and I'm still a person and I still matter. I don't know why a portion of my self worth comes from an emotionless reply, it hurts me to say I tried my very hardest to be like them but I tried my very hardest not to realise I wanted to be like them. It's the whole image perceived of popular; skinny, pretty and loads of friends but will it all matter in 5 years from now. And we all know we are insatiable human beings, and those 'popular' people will now strive to be like someone else and we can't have it all, can we. So it's just fake image built upon fake image and at this point I forget they are human too. They aren't above you, as it may seem but they're just standing on an imaginary pedestal that only some people have the ability to look past, you'll learn to eventually but that's okay now, I've learned to be comfortable in my own skin and I'm almost sure they haven't. This whole self worth thing is something I've realised is not in the likeness of others or their opinions or those useless self-worth quotes or the way my hair is styled this week or the way I wear my uniform or simply my American with a twang of British accent, my self worth is made of me, the me people don't want to get to know but the me I'd say is quite interesting and all that matters is: what I say. ~EA #writer #poetry #writersofinstagram #poems #poetsofinstagram #writerscommunity #poetrycommunity #poet #poetic #writing #write #love #pain #instagram #insecure #heart #worth Send your submissions to theinstalibrarian@socialmediaforwriters.net. Please include post image and IG username. 20 ♡ 1 ✍ March 24