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Henlo Frens 🐾 Meet Willow 💖 Bork Bork 🚨something important to tell🚨 Willow is a Rottweiler. As you know, the media paints a bad picture of Rotties. Many people are afraid of them & other "dangerous" breeds. But why do they have such a bad rap? No dog breed in history has ever been bred to attack humans. Never. Some dogs are TRAINED to attack and this is very different. This would include police dogs & military dogs that are taught in a controlled environment. These dogs are not aggressive, they are carrying out a task. So where did Rottweilers get such a bad rap? Well, after being pictured as Nazi military dogs during WW2 people across the globe associated them with the atrocities if war. Which is pretty bad, especially considering that even during the war, they were mostly used as guard dogs. This bad rap lead to people acquiring them as status dogs, to make themselves look tough. Rotties were also used in dog fighting, not because of their nature or temperament, but because of their strength and size. The fact that the were (and still are) seen as vicious was a bonus. Look at Willow, her owners love her and she loves them. She's kind, intelligent, patient, loyal & loving. She isn't going to hurt anyone because she's a well adjusted dog, with responsible owners. Unfortunately, some people are not as responsible and pick dogs based on bad reputation and further perpetuate that reputation by teaching dogs to be afraid of people (physical & emotional abuse, as well as neglect) and this leads to fear and defence based aggression. A dog should never be afraid of humans. This also leads to a multitude of other behavioural problems, which again are detrimental to the breeds rep. Some dogs have been bred to hunt, some dogs have been bred to look fierce. But NEVER to hurt people. Thank you ➡️ @rottie.willow.woofer ⬅️for being a shining example of what Rotties are really like 💖 Follow Willow for cute pics and to see what being a Rottweiler is really all about! 🐕🐾👏 #doggosofearth #dog #rottie #rottweiler #cute #dogsofinstagram #instadog #instalike #instagood #igdaily #love #instagramhub #photooftheday #potd #bestoftheday #follow #ilovedogs #happy 2 ♡ 1 ✍ March 23

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Simply the Jess-t… Jess is a three year old Collie-X, for whom there aren’t enough words in the world to adequately do her justice. But we’ll give it a shot. First of all, what a beautiful lady she is. Dressed in her best – all her blacks and her whites. Like she’s wearing a fine, silken canine tuxedo. Her hair curled at the ears in dark ringlets, her collar a standout pink. Bewitching. Refined. Elegant but with flash of colour, of personality all her own. That’s Jess – equal parts loving and lovable. A wonderful dog in every which way. For some inexplicable reason, she is one of our long-term dogs so, as each day passes, she slides more and more into the routine. The tireless, comforting monotony. Everyone who has ever owned a Collie-Type will appreciate their lust for stimulation, how their pliable minds need stretching with regularity. Jess is certainly one of the clever ones. A girl who loves to run and fetch and play. When she is in that moment of joyous, playful excitement, her elegant mask slips slightly and the puppy-like impishness comes to the fore. And it’s glorious to see. She really needs a home more able to stimulate her, mentally and physically, than we are, unfortunately, able to offer. Jess can be a bit shy around new people – don’t let her reticence put you off – but once she knows you, she is very loving, very bonded. A pleasure to be around. A real belly-laugh of a dog. However, Jess does need help in getting to be comfortable around other dogs. She would, therefore, need to be rehomed as an only dog. She would also be best in a home with teenage children, a home where she could get plenty of attention and love and exercise. Jess is precisely as lovely as she looks, if not more so. If you are at all interested in her, please get in touch for further information on 01246 273358 #rspca #chesterfield #derbyshire #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #collie #adoptme #dogsofinstagram #ilovedogs 1 ♡ 0 ✍ March 23