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These are 7 tips to eating out when you want to choose healthy macro friendly options 🙋🏻‍♀️ - 1. Pre plan! I always look up the menu of anywhere I am going out to eat. Enter into mfp what you plan on eating. This means that its easier to eat around that meal, because you know that a large chunk of macros have already been used up. Overestimate when you enter it early. If you don’t end up eating as much as you planned for, there is now room for dessert! - 2. I always look up the place I’m going to eat on Instagram. I go to the section where other people have tagged the restaurant, and I look at how the food is plated. This gives you a good understanding of the portion you will get, and if there will be any extra sauces or oil over the food. - 3. I always ask for no oil or butter on my food. To me these are just unnecessary, and do not add a lot to the taste for me. Its also almost impossible to accurately track how much they added. - 4. Customise your order. For this meal – the menu said chicken breast with chips and salad. I looked at the options they had for sides, and saw that they had back beans or rice. Both wold be a good carb source over the hot chips. As the hot chips also have a lot of fat. I asked the waiter if I could just swap the chips for the black beans – and it was no problem at all. - 5. In some situations it is so much better to order something that is easier to track, then trying to work out the macros of some complicated meal. I would recommend doing this if you are on low macros. I love chicken breast, and almost all places can make it for you. This meal was delicious, but it was quite basic. Just good quality food cooked well! - 6. Scales! If you want to be as accurate as possible bring some scales. Use a side plate to weigh the portions. - 7. It is SO much more accurate to track the different elements of your meal individually! For example, if you had a burger, you should track the bun, then the patty, then the salad, then the cheese. Don’t just enter it as a generic burger entry on mfp. 28 ♡ 1 ✍ March 24

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Impecable explicación Regrann from @petersoonfit - 🔥FAT LOSS MEAL | MAINTENANCE | FAT GAIN MEAL🔥 . Are you confused? How can the exact same meal of pure sugar and shite lead to 3 completely different goals? . Because no single food or foods or macronutrients make you lose fat, maintain or gain fat. It’s the sum of what you eat in a day or a week that determines the outcome. . If you eat fewer calories than you need, you LOSE FAT. . If you eat just enough, you MAINTAIN. . If you eat too much, even if it’s 100% natural, organic, gluten and sugar free, you WILL GAIN FAT. . I’m not giving you licence to eat junk food, far from it, but I want you to stop blaming certain foods for you lack of progress. . Stop thinking that it’s because you’re not eating healthy enough when it’s because you’re eating too much as a whole. . If you know that eating sugar laden fast food is a trigger then you need to find a strategy to avoid them altogether. . Ultimately you need to start taking responsibility and taking account of what your eating day in day out. . If you don’t like what I’m saying then you know what you can do. . Tag a friend. . Do you struggle for ideas to put meals together? If that’s you then go to my BIO and download my free meal creation guide. — #caloriesincaloriesout #ifitfitsyourmacros #apetitecontrol #burnfat #caloriedeficit #weightlossproblems #dietingitps #dietproblems #fatlossfood #healthysnacking #healthyweightloss #lifestylchoices #iifymwomen #cravings #nutritionprogram #losingfat iifymmom #健康生活 #飲食控制 #健康飲食 #減肥 #sugar #carbs - #regrann 2 ♡ 0 ✍ March 24