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SO as many of my close friends know, I recently lost around 20 pounds in a little over a month from having a change in medicine. I started lifting again, running more, I started tracking what I was eating after being fucking SAVAGE these past two weekends. I know I lose weight quickly but I am so happy of how quickly my body is bouncing back to where I was before. I still have trouble areas, I am working on! Also look at the difference between flexing and not flexing. We don’t all have crazy butts lol it’s all about posing. Just trying to do better and be better! Sorry about the undies I never do this shit lol. I am finally feeling okay in my own skin again. I don’t know if you know how insecure you get after gaining weight and doing everything you can even skipping meals but not being able to lose it. I hated how I looked ( I will never post my before pics lol)so I want to thank you for everyone who has motivated me, esp @azaleas666 for pushing me when I didn’t think I could rep 235 on squats anymore. Also @daniiellesteiin for sharing tips prep and workouts! I don’t like posting a lot of workout stuff because I’m no guru 😂 Gimme 2 months I’ll be back on 💯 (please keep all thirsty comments to yourself lol) #progress #sorrynotsorry #quads #glutes #calvinklein #hiit #iifym #weightloss #squad #stillchubby #thickthighsthinpatience #lol #fitnessconnection #20 #down #howmuchmore #thankful #dontgetanIUD #bye #IF #hammy #gains #jk #cellulite #ew 73 ♡ 16 ✍ March 20