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🧠 is nooot working today 💆‍♀️luckily I was very productive in school so nothing super urgent to do, I think I’m just going to call it a night. I realized why I was feeling this way soon enough... day 1 of cycle vibes anyone? 😅 so I’m going to listen to my body bc I know it needs rest at this time, and tomorrow is a busy busy day! ..... I wanted to quick talk about phones (smooth transition Beatrice 😂👌🏻) because today’s #blissbeanselfcare task is to turn your phone off an hour before bed! I love phones. They are powerful little tools of communication, productivity, entertainment, even art. But I can’t help but be scared when I see how much they’re taking over. I hate when people make generalizations about my generation bc I and plenty of ppl my age are worried TOO. I know Snapchat is hugely popular, but the way it seems to permeate into every minute of some people’s lives is too much... it’s so sad to see someone surrounded by real life HUMANS pull out their phones and tap tap tap to keep their streaks going... ..... Personally, I just can’t do such social media (ironic because I have a blog and Instagram I spend time on every day 😂) but I just don’t feel the draw - Which I’m grateful for - if I have to REMIND myself to engage in social media, it’s easier to stay balanced! 🧘‍♀️ But I sure am not perfect. Like everyone I have to remind myself to not pull out my phone out of habit and to ENGAGE with where I am. And that’s exactly what I hope todays little challenge will help with 🤗 ..... What are your thoughts?? Do you think technology is used too much? What do you think of Snapchat? Do you find it hard to pull away from social media? ❤️ 47 ♡ 3 ✍ March 22