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My value for life is beyond words. With every hardship I've overcome, I've fallen more in love with life. Some of you may not know that 8yrs ago I tried to commit suicide 6 times. It followed after a wrong diagnoses was given during my first heartbreak, having the wrong kind of support & 5yrs on a cocktail of meds that made me gain 30 kilos. The last time I attempted, I would of lost my life if it wasn't for my ex husband gratefully saving me. It took me nearly dying to finally be told by a team of doctors, that I did not have bipolar. From there on my life began. I lost 30 kilos in 6 months on my own, doing a series of alkalizing detoxes, with breaks in between. No substances or stimulants for 7yrs. Then came balance, but I've recognized that alcohol just doesn't agree with me. Although I can drink in moderation, it's only a trigger for anxiety & I simply party harder without it. I've experienced & tried a lot of things, but life & adrenalin is my buzz. I might have a weak almond latte once a week, herbal tea & eating clean is just my thing. I still have periods where I indulge & I'm curvier then usual like right now haha, because I'm human & love food. In 2014 I lost the relationship with my mother, then 2yrs later the relationship with my ex husband. Then in the space of 4 months my cat daughter of 16yrs died, then I lost the relationship with my entire family, following coming out about sexual & physical abuse. They don't believe me & want nothing to do with me. I waited 32yrs to come out, fearing this outcome & it happened. I understand my way was confronting & only have compassion. When I was 8 my dear uncle past, who was the only stable male I had. I've moved 23 times, so stability & family unity was never there. What multiple loss & death has taught me? Well after processing extreme levels of guilt & grief, I learned the deepest level of self love. I am selective about who I allow in my life & no longer feel bad about it. I have even more compassion for others. I never judge, I only understand. If it's something I don't agree with, I just don't agree & let it go without projecting judgment. We're all on a different journey. 2 ♡ 1 ✍ March 25