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Steve Lacy’s Demo Review: • Steve Lacy - Steve Lacy’s Demo Genre: R&B/Soul Critically: 9.0/10 Personally: 8.8/10 Fav Tracks: Looks, Ryd, Dark Red, Haterlovin, Some Least Fav Track: Thangs • Steve Lacy offers 14 minutes of pure bliss and summer vibes on his debut, while chronicling the cycles of relationships (meeting someone new, flirting/dating, feelings of doubt, the breakup, and finding someone new again). • The handclaps and grooves that start off this EP will forever be cemented in my head. Immediately after, Steve Lacy comes through with gorgeous singing and some great bass playing. Looks is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but Ryd and Dark Red, the two followup songs, are inching their way up my all-time favorites list. Ryd makes me want to do just that, and play this song on max volume while going 70 with all my windows down. It’s just such an incredible song, with impeccable chord progression and easy-going, soothing vocals from Steve Lacy. It always manages to put a smile on my face. However, Dark Red absolutely blew my mind the first time I ever heard it, as it is so easy to connect with and sing along to. It’s one of those songs with somber lyrics that are disguised by a beautiful chorus and melody. Thangs is a decent followup, but it fails to captivate me as Ryd and Dark Red did, and just feels a little out of place while listening to the EP. Haterlovin is a somewhat frantic, almost psychedelic track with paradoxical lyrics that make quite a bit of sense in the context of the album. Some is a great closer that brings the EP full circle. • A lot of people don’t seem to notice that this EP is actually very cohesive in its subject matter. It tells a story of a relationship. It covers the cautious flirting stage in the beginning (Looks), the happy-go-lucky feeling of the beginning of dating (Ryd), the realization that it can’t last forever (Dark Red), the mixed feelings after a breakup (Haterlovin), then finding someone new to fall for (Some). This is just another reason to love this project. • Despite all of the praise I gave Steve Lacy throughout this review, I’m going to leave it asking him to do one thing differently next time: Give me more music. 0 ♡ 1 ✍ March 24