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march 21, 2018 monday. he treads by with purple goblins laying under his eyes and incredibly poor poster. his face is shielded by the grey hoodie he has his crinkly hands tucked into. tuesday. she doesn't really care what others think. she likes to study in her room alone, a soft melody accompanying her and her textbooks. wednesday. she does yoga and is at peace with the earth. she likes to read books that take her through journeys but keep her mind at rest. thursday. he's a hipster that listens to possibly every indie band alive; as long as they're not too mainstream. he takes the same pathway on his motorbike to a cafe to order a simple caramel macchiato. friday. this guy always attends frat parties at 12am right after he's attended all of his classes that he only really passes because teachers adore his charming manor. saturday. a good girl goes bad. she has no sense in what's 'too much to show' and always drinks one too many tequila shots. good thing the new boy she's met always accompanies her towards the end of the night. and sunday. the sweet innocent girl who loves daisies and wear's thin rimmed glasses. she doesn't belong in this world. it's too cruel for her. poor sweet sunday. she has to live in a crooked society that tread by as sourly as her neighbour, monday. - #creator #writer #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #authentic #author #future #beauty #daisies #weeds #poetry #mentalhealth #bipolardisorderawareness #depression #staystrong @connorfranta @thegabbieshow @thehazelhayes @conangray @tyleroakley @doddleoddle @danieljlayton @bran.wolf @brandonwoelfel #love #hate #creative #creativewriting #literature #equality #lgbt #lgbtq #heartbreak 19 ♡ 1 ✍ March 21