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🙌🏽We’re doing cartwheels over here--for this lovely client’s dream come true!!!💃🏾 . A story: On Sunday I went to visit a man who drove me to high school for many years. I had visited him about a month earlier and promised to return with my mother. . During that first visit, I discovered something I hadn’t known during high school: He actually used to operate the school bus before and after going to his day job as a police officer. . This time, as my mother and I sat with him, I asked him what was the biggest lesson he had taken from his over 30 years as an officer. I like to ask older people about their life lessons. . “That job was stressful,” he said. He said some weekends he would work a shift and the person due to come next would call in sick, and he had to work theirs as well, skipping meals. . “Why did you stay?” “I didn’t have a degree. So to find another job that paid as much as that…made sense to stay.” . I am really happy when a client gets into their dream school. However, I dont think one needs to attend a certain school or perform a certain job to feel fulfilled. There are diverse paths to fulfillment. . What I do think, however--and what drives my work--is that everyone deserves to pursue educational and work opportunities that they enjoy. . **We deserve to have OPTIONS in our lives.** . I believe that whenever we each sit and look over our past, we want to feel joy, not resignation. . If you ever have the TINIEST opportunity to apply to your dream school or program, especially if you believe it will give you options you wont otherwise have, DO IT. And when you do: Make them remember your name! 9 ♡ 3 ✍ March 21