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- #HappyChenDay #HappyJongdaeDay - i know i messed up the order btw i thought i posted Jongdae already.. and then i thought i posted Guanlin's but posted Hongbin's instead :/ - ah our beautiful, talented Jongdae.. i really hope he had an amazing birthday. Jongdae is always so cheerful, always smiling and laughing. He's a huge mood maker.. his mischievous, bubbly attitude is the perfect fit for the groups beagle line :') He's the biggest troll ever.. he's truly so loveable because although he jokes around a lot.. he is just trying to lighten up everyone's mood. he has a perfect personality! he is so kind hearted. i love how he isn't afraid to show his true self, he will be hyper whenever he wants to be and i love that about him! I find Jongdae incredibly admirable for his ability to stay happy and support the members during the toughest times. He definitely deserves more love for his activeness and energy. I love how friendly he is towards everyone.. he looks extremely comfortable to be around! He is so adorable man, his voice is so so beautiful.. like oh my goodness. I could listen to it forever. It's so dreamy! His adlibs are always on point and his vocal range is unbelievable probably three or more octaves. He can reach extremely high notes with ease yet still make it sound masculine.. he really is incredible. He works so hard and dedicates a lot of his time towards his music and to us which i find so sweet. i hope he had a wonderful day! 54 ♡ 0 ✍ October 13