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My bff has 2 daughters and we were talking about how hard is to detangle their wavy curly hair. I don’t have children myself (only the furry kind) but I remembered what my other friend Lydia was telling me about her daughters hair. "For anyone who has curly hair you know what a struggle it can be just to manage it and even more of a struggle when your 8 and your hair is down to your butt. The top picture is of my daughter Noelles hair after her shower ( this happens with every shower and I've tried so many different products to help that haven't, until now 😉 ) and with a tun of conditioner to try to tame it ( clearly you can see that did not work at all) the mess you see on the top was terrifying and typically would take me 30-45 minutes and lots of tears from her to brush through, the bottom picture is after I used the replenish mask in her hair, it literally took me less than 5 minutes to brush through her hair 😱 and her hair looks, feels and smells amazing!!! I also posted pictures of how it dried!! 😱😱😱😱 it never dries and turns out this curly because it's so thick and heavy. I'm amazed!! And completely jealous of her hair! It is soooo incredibly soft right now." Now, as somebody with this type of hair I know how important it is to have good products. Thank god I found these a while ago and for the 1st time in years my stylist said she doesn’t have to trim my hair because the ends are damaged or it’s too dry. Lydia told me she sold over $30k of this product this weekend alone! I placed an order and of $300 worth of shampoos and conditioners for myself, my best friend, and sisters. It’s really good stuff. Lydia just told me the sale was extended until tonight! So if you want it let me know! I can hook you up! P.S. Until midnight EST tonight, these products are BOGO 75% off!!! :) #richandfitgirl #healthyhair #curlyhair #rfhairclub #hairandbeauty #hairstyles #hairdo #curlyhair #wavyhair #detangled #tangled #hairgoals #hairtransformation #hairenvy 0 ♡ 0 ✍ March 19