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The HOURGLASS SHAPE..!! I personally have a “straight” shape when it comes to my waist. BUT.. because I have work hard on building on my back and getting my lats to grow.. that has made my back WIDER.. whiiiich makes my waist look smaller 💁🏻‍♀️ So the goal with the videos is to point out that you can create an illusion of having more of an hourglass shape!! Buuuut.. ofc we need to keep training the waist - getting the core, abs, obliques strong 🤚🏼 And also.. keep fighting for them wide hips and booty gains 💪🏼 🎥 FULL WORKOUT SESSION is LIVE on my YouTube Channel if you like me to walk you through the whole workout and all exercises!! I’ve put together a BACK & CORE/OBLIQUE buuurning session for you guys!! Directlink in my bio -> @hannaoeberg ———— 1️⃣ Lat Pull down || superset || one side lats Pull down 4set x 12-15reps || 5-10reps /side ▶️ Best exercise eveeerrr to build your back wider, if you ask me! Don’t swing the weights. Take it slow and feel the muscles pulling down the weights. 2️⃣ Cable Pull down 3set x 12-15reps ▶️ Amazing exercise to work with the stretch in the same movement. 3️⃣ Leg raise side crunch || superset || static hope 10sec /side 4set x 10reps ▶️ Almost died here.. hah. The static hold on the end is a burnout!! 4️⃣ Upper side crunches 4set x 10reps /side ▶️ 2 Alternative is available for this one -> YouTube 🤚🏼 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 🤗 Song: Crime - Grey From @hannaoeberg #gymgirl #gymgirlvids #gymgirls #gymgirlsdaily #gymgirlgains #gymgirlproblems #gymgirlsofig #gymgirlz #gymgirlsu #gymgirlsrule #fitgirl #fitgirls #fitgirlsnl #fitgirlcode #fitgirlmom #fitgirlsguide #fitgirlfam #fitgirlfood #fitgirls_inspire #fitgirllove #fitgirllife 10 ♡ 0 ✍ March 21