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I'm a firm believer that when you believe life has stabbed you in the back, it is actually a blessing in disguise. Yes I'm talking about getting dumped, fired, an embarrassing loss in competition, or even death and disease. These burning moments are inevitable in life, so how can we make them benefit us? OK, a fucked up thing happened, now what? You can cry about it. Which is therapeutic and good for quick stress relief. But as toddlers quickly realize, if there is no over attentive mom around, then it is a waste of energy. Getting intoxicated or going into party mode is an effective short distraction but often leads to more problems. And yes, like most people do, you can try to forget and bury the moment. But in my humble opinion, this is a huge wasted opportunity. The best option, is to USE that emotional firepower for a cause. A positive worthy cause or goal that directly improves your life. Something that never would have happened on its own. The thing that needed a special circumstance to manifest. By redirecting your attention and full effort to accomplishing something special, something good or greater will eventually come of it. Examples: DUMPED: Use that heartache for a fitness makeover and relentless effort to find that upgraded partner. FIRED: Use that sting to improve your skills, go back to school, start your own business. LOSS in COMPETITION: Use the anguish to get out of your comfort zones, add skills, train harder/smarter. DISEASE: Use the motivation to fix and heal any controllable factors. Focus on health/fitness, medical education. DEATH: Use that ultimate sorrow to honor the surviving loved ones. Do something special; book, service, project. Try to remember the next time something unfortunate happens to you, life has given you a powerful seed. Don't waste it. Instead, recycle your pain. Use it for emotional firepower to do the extraordinary. #growth #adversity #seedofpower #selfimprovement #fighter #fight #mma #bjj #grappler #muaythai #cagefighter #combatsports #combatsportsjourney #trainhard #power #emotions 0 ♡ 0 ✍ March 24

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Such IMPORTANT work! #Repost @pregnancylosshealing Being pregnant after previous pregnancy or infant loss is a unique place to be. While there is joy, there is also a lot of anxiety, worry and fear. Sometimes the fear of loss over takes the excitement and you find yourself feeling disengaged or disconnected from THIS pregnancy. From THIS moment 💫 What if there were a way to honor where you are without judgement? What if you could accept your journey for exactly what it is? What if you could manage and observe your thoughts instead of being overwhelmed by them?💫 There is a way. In this course, you will learn how to: ✨manage your thoughts so that you can connect with your present experience without fear, anxiety and worry ✨shift from your automatic way of responding to a more powerful way of handling your pregnancy and journey ✨Effectively deal with challenges that may come up ✨connect with your breath and body ✨set up a daily mindfulness practice (both formal and informal) These skills will support you in this pregnancy and beyond. What you will get: ✨over 8 hours of video instruction that will be released weekly over 4 weeks ✨weekly live sessions with me to ask questions and get clarification (additional 3-4 hours) ✨self paced learning ✨access to material for a lifetime ✨connection to other women who are also pregnant again after loss and are on a similar path to healing Start date: April 15, 2018 Investment: $200 💫🌈💜 Email or message me for any questions and to register: aditi@pregnancylosshealing.com. Visit link in bio for video details. #mindfulness #fear #anxiety #worry #acceptance #presentmoment #pregnancyloss #pregnantafterloss #rainbowbaby #rainbowself #connection #trust #onlinecourse #coach #onlinecoach #growth #breath #infantloss #miscarriage #stillbirth #ttc #ttcafterloss #lifeafterloss #mindfulmotherhood #grief #losssurvivor #trauma 2 ♡ 0 ✍ March 24