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Fluidity. We are everything all at once. But that’s just way too big for the intellect to correctly perceive without lots of practice (esp meditation). So we walk around thinking we have/are an individual with a gender, a name, a job title, a relationship status, a political view, a set of ethics.... these are all labels/terms that help us create boundaries. This type of boundary is meant to be temporary until we can fully understand what we are. The problem is those boundaries can make us lazy. We become dependent on them, overly identified with them and we suffer for it- not because those terms are wrong but they are incomplete. Because those boundaries limit our experience so much. A boundary is useful until it becomes a burden. I identify with a label and then next thing you know I have to keep up with that, cling to it, push away anything that threatens it, live my life according to that...and denying my own vastness is painful, it causes chaos and discontent. I am woman and man. I am celestial and earthy. I am darkness and light. I am just trying to find my way home -but the label/boundary thing is like being stuck in a maze filled with signs in every direction ‘you are this- go this way’ and ‘whoa you are not that- don’t go there’. What am I? I am the one that appears as many and is also never separate from itself (try that on for size). Cruise through space and time today. What label has become a burden for you? Can you drop it just for today as an experiment/practice? Good times! Do it. I’m rooting for you. 👍🏼👊🏼🔥 thisbis vid from yesterday’s inversions, some of you asked about it💖 187 ♡ 20 ✍ March 22