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I am in a state of absolute bliss. It feels so sacred I almost don't want to put it into words or share it. So I'll share only what feels right, for now: Last night I sat at dinner and laughed at the simply joy of life. No words. No explanation. Just a bubbling joy that was so great my body laughed and I could barely speak. This morning I cried into my yoga mat. I could feeeeel the perfection of all that is, this beautiful intense cathartic journey, and how deeeeeply held and loved and supported we are. I felt such trust, such certainty in being looked after by the Divine, that I cried. My body heaved with the simultaneous surrender to bliss and knowing, and the heartache of the parts of my being that resisted this bliss being cleaned out. Bliss. Bliss. Bliss. Life force energy running through my body. Presence. Stillness. Movement. Love. Everywhere. And most definitely, in me. For me. Through me. May this post be a transmission beyond what I can put into words. May you take a moment to close your eyes now, take a deep breath, exhale with a sigh, and drop deeply and completely into the present moment. May you ask yourself, "If I could imagineeee what endless bliss simply for being alive feels like, what would it feel like right now?" and then sit with yourself in the imagining. (which happens to be the same as feeling it 😉🤭) May you receive the bliss and joy and trust and love and surrender running through me, simply by tuning into this post and my field. I love you. K xx #divinewarrior 13 ♡ 1 ✍ March 22