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FLEX FRI-YAYYYY💪🏻 . So here we are and here we go frands. Unedited & unfiltered. I haven’t done one of these physique update videos since last year. And I haven’t done many transformations lately because I haven’t felt great about the work I’ve been putting in. BUT. This is where I preach consistency is key! . I may have felt like I was only going through the motions with my workouts for a little while now, BUT I kept going through the motions. I didn’t give up when I wasn’t feeling it. I stayed consistent and put the kind of work in I was able to. I wasn’t my most disciplined, and I didn’t train super intensely, but I still put in work. . I took this video two mornings ago and I’m currently sitting at 138.8 pounds and 17.9% body fat at 5’5”. The only time I step on the scale is at the doctor’s office, so that shows how much I truly care about numerical stats. But for this little fitness endeavor I’m curious to see if anything happens to them. Consider this my “new before.” . To what? I don’t even know! But I do know that I’m PUMPED for the kind of training I’m planning for these next 4-6 weeks. Like I said, NO specific numerical goals or anything. But will I grow muscle? Will I gain weight? Will I get shreddy? IDK! I just know that this “no pressure” and simply “work hard” mentality has had me thriving in my workouts this past week. . . . Now if you’re awesome enough to have read this far, HERE IS THAT ANNOUNCEMENT I mentioned in my story last night... if you’re interested in my next challenge, “SUMMER STRONG,” that starts on Monday, listen up. The first 10 women to message me a 🌟 will get their program for only $24!! That’s 50 cents per workout... . I want to help YOU find consistency, build some muscle, lean out, and rock this summer with confidence👑 . . . #physique #physiqueupdate #progressnotperfection #consistencyiskey #nevergiveup #musclebuilding #bodybuilding #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #flexfriday #flexy #girlswhoflex #quadsquad #abs #biceps #girlgains #fitnesstrainer #fitnessmotivation #musclegirl #liftweights #unfiltered #unedited #summerstrong #fitnessjourney #strongerthanyesterday #personaltrainer #fitnesschallenge #putinwork #bossbabe 61 ♡ 7 ✍ March 23