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#SOULCALIBURVI #SOULCALIBUR6 #SOULCALIBUR #ソウルカリビルVI #ソウルキャリバー6 #ソウルキャリバー #GeraltOfRivia #Geralt #Bandai #BandaiNamco #バンダイナムコ #バンダイ Challenged a witcher? Must've had a death wish. Geralt Geralt of Rivia is the Primary Protagonist of "The Witcher" series of novels and video games. He is set to appear in Soulcalibur VI as a guest character. He is also known by his nickname "The White Wolf" Despite being nearly a century old, Geralt resembles a man in his thirties, with a slim but muscular build. His eyes are yellow with slit pupils -a direct effect of the mutations that turned him into a witcher-, and his hair is white. He has an uncountable amount of scars on his body; the two most notable are a vertical one over his left eye, and a smaller one over his right eyebrow. His design is identical to his default appearance in The Witcher III, where his hair is shoulder-length and pulled back. Part of Geralt's hair is pulled into a half-ponytail, while the rest hangs freely. His armor appears to be made of leather with chain-mail applied over the shoulders and stomach. His trousers are also made of leather, and he wears matching boots and gloves. He has two sheaths; one is for his steel sword, while the other for his silver sword. The silver sword is worn across his back. He also wears a medallion in the shape of a snarling wolf, representing his training under the Witcher School of the Wolf. Geralt is the third fantasy-type guest character appearing in a Soul game, the first being Link and the second being Kratos. 2 ♡ 0 ✍ March 24

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[🇬🇧/🇵🇱] The Ritual Of Kaer Tiele. 👸🏻🌒MY song featured on @cdpred channel! I’ve seen people speculating what this song is about so here I am to explain.I wrote this song while roleplaying as Philippa Eilhart🔮at the biggest &only official Witcher Larp–Witcher School.The events take place 200 years before Geralt's time.King Radowid mentioned in the song is not the same Radowid V 🤴🏼we know and love(?) 🙄from the books/game-it's actually Radowid III🤴🏻.His bastard daughter(Princess Liwa)is cursed.Philippa's goal is to lift the curse of lycanthropy with the help of Witchers. 🦇The Ritual was such a magical, emotional and powerful moment that it inspired me to write this song turn it into art.Thank you for the overwhelming positivity and wonderful comments.It's so surreal to me that my song is featured on the official CDPR page. So... I guess it's canon now...? 😜🤷🏻‍♀️Not only that we shot 2 wonderful covers which you guys have also been enjoying! Thank you also for subscribing to my baby YT channel (link in bio) created to share my solo endeavors and avoid flooding my band's channel with my personal stuff.I'm truly honored and humbled by the experience and hope to bring you more music like this in the future! / The Ritual Of Kaer Tiele - Mój utwór który ukazał się na streamie CDPR oraz na ich kanale na YT. Ze szczęścia latam pod sufitem! Widziałam wiele pytań o to o czym jest ten utwór-spieszę z wyjaśnieniem! Napisałam go w trakcie larpu Witcher School. Wcieliłam się w postać potężnej czarodziejki Philippy Eilhart.Wydarzenia podczas Witcher School dzieją się na 200 lat przed wydarzeniami z gry/książki. Księżniczka bękart skalana klątwą wilkołactwa przybywa na zamek wiedźminów wraz z czarodziejką licząc, że wspólnymi siłami odmienią jej los. Jestem zaszczycona, że CDP uznało moją piosenkę za godną postawienia obok ich legendarnych kompozycji!Dziękuję wam za potok pochlebnych komentarzy i za subskrybcje na moim raczkującym mini kanale, na który wrzuciłam ten utwór. Dziękuję wam za wsparcie i... do zobaczenia wkrótce! 😏 16 ♡ 2 ✍ March 23