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17 October 2006: my first taste of NS when I was enlisted into Viper Company, BMTC, Pulau Tekong. Fast forward 12 years and 11 NS reservist cycles later, I finally "graduated" from NS. No more outfields and IPPTs. But I will miss my army buddies and all the fun we had during our "annual" chalet. Oh well. I always say that life still go on, even though I'm placed into MINDEF Reserve (MR) - no more disruptions to work schedules but that also means that it's really no "free breaks" from work. Haha. Oops. Many memories of my ICT came flooding back when I collected these memorabilia this morning at Paya Lebar Airbase (PLAB). PLAB was my first airbase residential stay where I did my Field Defence Course (FDC) for 3 months. Who could forget that someone actually called the SAF Hotline near the end of course to complain the chief instructor because he was simply torturing us with very often wee hours turnouts and tekan exercises. After FDC, I was posted to Sembawang Airbase for the rest of my NS terms and subsequently my reservist cycles. After I ORD-ed, 1 year later I was called up to go for a GPMG gunner course (2 weeks stay in) reservist cycle. After that year, I came back to Sembawang Airbase and I had the privilege of being the OC's PA for a couple of cycles and then deployed to the main ground because they were short of men. There, I was deployed as the GPMG gunner henceforth - certainly not fun to carry that huge and heavy ancient gun, while others carry the lighter M16. But I had fun bonding with my platoon mates (and dare I say more fun (sometimes) than when I was in HQ platoon as OC-PA).. Haha. So yes. This marks the end of my NS journey and back to civilian life. What would life holds? Something to think about. In the meantime, MR LOH!! // #foodielah #reflections #everysingaporeanson #nationalservice #airforce 31 ♡ 4 ✍ March 23