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#FlexibilityFridayMM: Shinbox Stretch . When you start training lower body mobility, start from the top down . The reason to do this is that the mobility of your hips affects the mobility of the muscles below. So for example, if you perform a Pike Stretch then stretch your glutes and perform another Pike Stretch, the second Pike Stretch will often be deeper and easier. Stretch in the right order and you make easier and faster gains. This is how our students often achieve splits! . A good stretch to start with for the hips is the Shinbox stretch you see here. This stretch helps to stretch your glutes while under the load of your bodyweight. That leads to several benefits! . 🔴One, it loosens up the rest of the chain. Just like we wrote earlier, when you stretch the hips, the muscles below become more stretchable too. So by starting with a few sets of this, you can make your Pike Stretch easier to perform or be able to put your foot into your mouth more effectively since people are so into that 😂 . 🔴Two, it helps with injury prevention. Since the you are stretching under the load of your bodyweight, you don't just get flexible. You get STRONG as well. That way, if you ever get rapidly stretched faster than you normally would, like in Jiu-Jitsu or Wrestling, you have some stretch to resist getting injured. . 🔴Three, you don't need a warm up. One of the benefits of stretching under load is that you don't need a warmup to access that range of motion. Build your mobility with strength and you don't have to bother with your perfect warm up anymore! 💪 . So before your next mobility session, try a few sets of Shinbox stretches and see if the rest of your session goes better! And to see a good pairing for this stretch, check the IG stories! 😎 20 ♡ 3 ✍ March 23