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It's easy to feel like you haven't made progress, but often times you have. I am EXTREMELY critical of my health and fitness. And to be 100% transparent, it's definitely because I am pursuing a career in firefighting and feel like I need to prove myself physically so much more than the guys. But regardless, I am often blind to my own progress. Three months ago I took a physical fitness test for firefighting. My time was 6:37 and I needed to finish in less than 7:03. In the last three months I've been struggling with so many other things. I worked 75 hour weeks at the post office to make money over the holidays. I've struggled with mysterious health concerns that have been impacting my workouts. I've learned to throw ladders, load hose, and establish lines in awkward, heavy gear. I've juggled school, volunteering, and a handful of different jobs. What do I remember about the last three months? I remember going to the gym only a handful of times. You see, in my mind, I've lost strength because I haven't been training or climbing 5 days a week. In my mind, my body and physical capabilities have regressed in the past three months. It's easy to feel less than enough. But guess what? You are enough. And you are too critical on yourself. I know I am. Today I had the opportunity to go through the same physical fitness test I took three months ago. I fed myself doubt until the moment I crossed the start line and began. Suddenly, my perspective changed. It still felt strenuous, but in a different way. I was more comfortable running the course in my fire gear because I'd been training in it for three months. The hoses felt lighter because I'd been carrying, dragging, and loading them for three months. My time was 5:50. Next time you're feeling critical, challenge yourself to think about the bigger picture. Because hey, we are only human 🤷‍♀️ 9 ♡ 1 ✍ March 24