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Real-Talk: Women solo travelers go through some shit. There's the ups and downs, and the scary parts in between. 🎢🎡 Telling people I wanted to travel gave me shockingly cruel responses. "You'll get kidnapped, that's one way to come back with a missing kidney", or "you'll get raped." (Because it's impossible for that to happen where we live now, right?) 👧⁉💥 So how do female solo travelers crush those fears Negative Nancys like to bring up? It's not by traveling with a man or covering up those oh so scandalous shoulders. It's by being aware, acting crazy, and making up stories. 👩🚵😺 I first heard of this through a podcast about a woman and her cat who biked through Europe just doing their thing. When someone was getting a little too close, she broke cultural rules. If a man wanted to offer some local hospitality, she stated she "must meet with my father in an hour at xyz coffee shop" or "wait on her 'brother' to come back" so that they can try the local food that can only be made at this man's house. 🙋📚❗ Whenever I felt nervous solo traveling I always thought about her. What can I do to make sure I'm safe? Taxi driver driving the wrong way and won't stop? Buckle up and swing that car door wide open, he'll let you out in less than 10 seconds. A guy stalking you down the street and is getting too close to your house? Do something culturally weird, like barking. Some guy pushing you to go to his hotel "for a nap"? Talk about how crazy your monthly has been, in vivid detail. Do whatever you need to to be safe! 🌎❤🌍❤🌏 Until the world learns to respect women overall, the ugly reality of being a female solo traveler will continue on. Stay safe, stay smart, and don't let those creeps ruin a good ass trip!!! 81 ♡ 8 ✍ March 21