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"I’m a puppeteer, I pull the strings. Once I catch you, you are forever my doll. You can hide it, you can even fight it, but I’ll always be able to make you do things. You will always follow my protocol. You may think you have a choice. You may think you have free will. But you will follow every word of my passive voice. And I’ll use you to get my thrill. If you ever leave, I’ll leave a string hanging so I can tug on it when you’re gone. You may think that you’re safe. But in the end you’re just my little pawn. The path Is set for you and you cannot strafe. For I am a puppeteer and I must confess. I am the best at this game I call chess." . ~•~ {Freedom is a far wishful thing for me, almost a false hope even as the idea of any religious "heaven". Prove to me it is out there, because I have tried countlessly. Suicide is always here, a friend at the end of the day, despite what happiness is there or what I have done; a reminder telling me often, "You may be alone, but your mind never is. You are unlovable for that very fact."} . D e o s A l o p e x .† ~•~ • † • † • 🖤 #poetry ~ #emotional ~❥ #vent ~† #memories ~❥ #childhood ~†#innocent ~❥ #comfort ~† #soft ~ #aesthetic ~❥ #pale ~† #sweet ~❥ #love ~† #recovery ~❥ #pain ~† #trauma ~❥ #ptsd ~† #csa ~❥ #anxiety ~† #depression ~❥ #schizophernia ~† #bpd ~❥ #suicide ~† #selfharm ~❥ ~† #outofbodyexperinces ~❥ #abuse ~† #spirituality ~❥ #CanisAlbus 🖤 7 ♡ 0 ✍ March 23