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Please meet 1 year, 9 month old Benny!! He’s a terrier/shepherd-y mix who’s been with us ~4 months. He was found as a stray and dropped off. Benny was quiet and unassuming in his kennel originally......and maybe he was overlooked and hit a breaking point, but he’s now incredibly stressed and doing circles most of the day. An observer might find it cute or entertaining, but to us, the analogy of ‘circling the drain’ is not lost on us. Kennel crazy is a real deal issue and we had to help him. A volunteer took Ben-Ben home for a sleep over and this is what she says: “Benny is insanely sweet. He'll lay in your lap and gaze longingly into your eyes. He freely gives kisses, but will stop if you ask him. He rides amazingly well in a car and can hang out unattended for a period (weather permitting, of course). He's a really great leash walker and walked well with my two dogs (the little dog barked at him initially....Benny was unfazed....kept a polite distance. My bigger dog growled slightly at him once.....again, Benny wanted absolutely no conflict and kept a safe distance. By the end of the walk, they were all relaxed and comfortable around each other!) In the house, Benny finally settled in and crashed out in his big soft bed. I heard him whine once...otherwise, slept through the night. My cat went downstairs to investigate, and, as I expected, Benny wanted no part of a cat introduction and politely stood still, avoiding eye contact with nosey kitty. Benny's con, if you will, is that he wants to be in your presence at all times, but that's totally expected of night one out of a kennel. He'll happily play with a toy and roll around on a blanket. He's quite a calm fellow for his young age. If you can provide him with love and affection, I'm pretty certain this guy can become a happy member of most any household with kids/cats/dogs. (He even went to the bar with me and was just a tad shy of new folks, but relaxes within minutes. No fear issues, just a little shy). Benny is super stressed in his kennel, and is visibly more relaxed the second he gets out of that environment. Please consider this wonderful pup to be your forever 🐶❤️ 8 ♡ 1 ✍ March 20