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After attending group last night and receiving a very important email, I learned some new things that I needed. • although my faith is being tested, it doesn't mean I don't have faith. (I often question if I am faithful enough) • Just because someone is or can be nice doesn't mean they are healthy of good to be in your life. (I feel like I always have to prove who my ex-husband is for others to believe me. He can be nice and even move on in his life, but that doesn't mean it is healthy for him to be part of mine on a personal level) • Boundaries are imperative for protection and being healthy (I forget this too quickly and often don't set any or stick to them 🤦🏼‍♀️) • trust in the Lord (listen to promptings and do those things which bring you closer to Him and bring you happiness. Daily scripture study affects my mood and mental health. I need to honor this) • the RAIN acronym : Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Non-Identification. From an important friend, "What I get out of it is that those thoughts are normal and I am NOT those thoughts. To me the most important part is being willing to recognize the thoughts, give them momentary attention, then just let them go and move on with my day and not letting those thoughts and feelings derail what I know is true about me and what happened in my past." and "It's ok to have hard days, they come and they go. It's totally normal, don't let the fact that you're having a hard day make you question how far you've come in this shitty process." So we keep going...one foot in front of the other...and recognize that this set back was for such a shorter time and my coping was less. I count those as wins! #betrayaltrauma #betrayaltraumarecovery #sistersinstruggleandstrength #divorcesucks 18 ♡ 0 ✍ March 23