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I had a recent discussion with @whitewall.art (click on bio for full interview) on #techism “KRISTA KIM: Our digital revolution is like no other revolution in history because of its scale and speed of disruption. The adaption of new technology and social media platforms has created sweeping changes in our global culture, and there has never been a more crucial time for artists and philosophers to adapt, to create and to influence culture. Algorithms are controlling our interactions on social media platforms, and a vast culture of sharing and liking has created a narcissistic and egocentric society that is lacking in humanity and connection. It is our very “connectedness” on social media platforms that is diminishing real human connection. Artists express humanity in their work. The contribution of art using digital technology will create a more connected and humane culture, which will affect how our society chooses to use and innovate digital technology for the future. It is the demonstration of possibilities and expression of free thought, using digital technology as a tool for humanity, that will create a more balanced culture. Techism is a movement that recognizes technological innovation as an artistic medium, and encourages artists to promote digital humanism in the formation of culture. Collaboration, co-creation and dialogue with engineers and technology specialists is key to this movement, because we are in a transition phase between the institutionalized “painting & sculpture” tradition of artistic expression, into digital. Freedom of thought, individualism and equality in a future of digital disruption and technological advancement is important for the future of humanity. I recognize the unique challenges that society will face from social media platforms, algorithms and A.I. in this new and unchartered future and we choose to express connectedness, humanity and transcendence at the forefront of technological innovation through collaboration, dialogue and freedom of expression.” #techism #kristakim #digitalconsciousness #olivierlapidus #artsy #philosopher #digitalart #digitaldisruption #technology #tech #digitalartist #digitalnomad #instaart 120 ♡ 9 ✍ March 22