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“Life is so much easier now we’ve had kids” said no parent ever. Yes we’re exceptionally fortunate to have our babies & I love them more than I can find the words to explain, but it is HARD work! All the perfect family posts you see across social media, well they’re the highlights, trust me! Mostly, they’re delightful, but we’re in the forever-whining stage w/ the 4yr old & the early-on-set-teen stage w/ the 8yr old (girl might I add, dreading the hormones kicking in!). If I’m 100% honest, which is the purpose of these posts, I have a total crying breakdown at least 3 out of 4 weekends a month. I find it so hard to find the strength to just deal with their behaviour having had basically 8yrs of way below the recommended sleep per night, & then introducing my friends #inadequacy & #failure , plus another joy depression brings to the table, exhaustion, just a relentless state of tiredness. You can see the mix of these things is a delight. My head is hugely affected by hormones (that’s another post) & pregnancy seems to have left me with some permanent headholes to deal with. But my kids are my world, even with the mental scars the hormones have caused, stay strong for them. I’m guilty of letting my kids see my breakdowns, & they don’t fully understand it but they’re incredibly caring when mummy feels “unwell”. I worry that I’m influencing them and wonder how much of this is hereditary, I’d never want them to feel this way. But I also don’t want to shelter them from it, I want them to grow up with the understanding that sometimes they might feel low for no reason and how important it is to tell me, to talk, & to never ever feel like they’re alone. The love they show me in those moments, that there is always someone to reciprocate that for them. So don’t feel like you’re failing as a parent by feeling these things. These days there is so much expected of us as employees, parents, partners, it’s all pretty overwhelming. Just know you’re doing the best YOU can do and don’t compare yourself to what you THINK you should be doing or what others are doing. We’re all living our own battles & you can only boss it the way you know how. Just don’t ever think you’re alone x 2 ♡ 1 ✍ March 21