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Nyx the Night: Weak, woeful creatures of the day. How they scatter and panic when I approach. Of all the Gods save my Son Thanatos who is gentle death, they fear me most. They fear the night and the uncertainty it brings. I remind them of my father Chaos and they fear me for that. Lo, how they tremble as Apollo rides away leaving me to cast by beautiful blackness over the hill and valleys, as I roll over their homes and hamlets and the creatures that were born of me inherit the earth. Pathetic Prometheus, you deserve the eternal torment to which you've been condemned to for giving these mortal fire, the gift of gods. They use it to scatter me. To hide from me until Apollo returns another dawn. They draw close to their dying fires as I envelop them and my children circle to devour them. And they deserve it. The terror, the pain. For they chose to abandon me, abandon the night and lay blame to the monster in the burrows. They would cast me out. They do as much as they can, they build big bright cities to hide from me in the twilights, and now they cast me away with electric candles. And claim to have conquered the Night with their toys. Yet they don't understand the Darkness, they don't comprehend the Night. They don't understand I am my father's child and like Chaos I am inevitable. I am shadows and the light is something that you can lose and what ever a mortal can loose they will lose they will lose everything they ever accumulate until it's only me, the night, happy emptiness of things and I will have them. I'll always have them.-Maximus Evelyn is the first model to successfully do two different characters it helped that Pinky killed it with the MU and Glitter. She’s a glitter pro Model: @evelyn.sommer MUA: @kahliimorrison_mua 10 ♡ 1 ✍ March 25