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I decided to make a video showing you how I do my deep conditioning treatment, but I also wanted to give a first impression on the product I’m using. :: I am using the @mauimoisture heal and hydrate+shea butter hair mask for dry, damaged hair. Now I don’t have dry or damaged hair, but I always like to use preventative products on my hair (if that makes any sense). The first thing I did was smell this product; and it isn’t bad. It’s not a smell that lingers or anything either so it passes that test. Applying this product to my hair felt very weird. It says it’s for dry hair so you would think instant moisture, but instead it felt like I put something on my hair that sucked all the moisture out. It felt like the product was tangling my hair strands because detangling was tough. My fingers kept getting stuck in my hair and that has never happened to me with any treatment I’ve used. I can’t explain it more than by saying weird since I’ve never felt a #deepconditioner do that before. The application to me was so bad that I almost stopped using it and grabbed something else to use. Good thing I had my @righteousrootsoils to help work it through. Even though the application process was tough, I stuck it out to see what kind of results I would get. Surprising when I rinsed it out, my curls felt very soft, they were moisturized and shiny. :: Using this for the first time has given me mixed feelings about it. I loved my results, but the application process was horrible. So I don’t know if I want to keep it or just part ways. Should I give this product another try or do one of you who’s in love with it want to take it off my hands? :: 🎶Goapele closer to my dreams T-shirt “Tired yet blessed moms” @jadenjazzboutique :. :. #deeptreatment #mauimoisture #curlspoppin #curlygirlsrock #curlhairkillas #teamcurly #curlsoncurls #kinksandcoils #kinks2curls #curlsonfleek #curlyhairedgoals #embraceyourcurls #curlkit #curlygal1 #curlswithlove #kinkzandcurlz #curlynatural #curlsaunaturel #cwkgirls #curlynaturalhair #curl #curlyhairstyles #curlyq #curlyhaired #curlbox #curlsunderstood #curlyculture #deepconditioning #deepcondition 14 ♡ 2 ✍ March 18