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Do you want to get more ideas? Are you tubelling with ideas? You may ask How can i get ideas?, Let me show you how? Ideas about ANYTHING. Before i show you All three methods of getting ideas, let me tell you something. Always remember ''Good ideas comes after many bad ideas'',So stop worrying about Qualities of your ideas, insted produce as bad ideas as you can, write them down and try to execute every idea. 'Occasionally, a good idea comes to you first, if you are lucky. Usually, it comes after a lot of bad ideas.'' -Alex Blumberg. And second thing i want to tell you that You already have enough of ideas,you just need to take more Responsibility towards your ideas, Stop thinking and start executing your ideas. Now, let's see 3 methods of getting ideas:- 1.Jotting Down : As i say you already have enough of ideas, you just need to take more responsibility towards your ideas.Develop a habbit of keeping pen and small pad with yourself, so that any time - any idea comes to your mind,you can write down immediatly, because 'ideas comes randomly and vanish immediatly, Insted of keeping pen and pad you can also use your mobile(Notes) to jot down ideas I personally use EVERNOTE for writing my ideas. Now, you may ask How to identify ideas? becose your mind don't stop thinking. Here is a simple tip :-Whenever you think "I Should or I must or I can Do it.''Jot it down and at the end of week you will have enouf of ideas. 2.Discuss Ideas :- "Great mind discuss about ideas not peoples".Develop an habbit of discussing ideas with yourself and friends '' like :-we can/should do this or that.It will help you to develop your idea muscle'' and confidence for creativity. 3.Daily 10 practice :- This is #jamesaltucher exercise. This exercise is for developing your idea muscle, regular practice is more important than topics.Every morning set few minutes to write down Ten ideas daily, write about anything this is just an exercise for your idea muscle,like 10 ideas to - work more,to work less,to do things differently,to earn more,to invest more,to enjoy more,to make more freinds etc. #ideas #creativity #creative #contentcreator #content #bussiness #work #muscle #toolsoftitans 1 ♡ 0 ✍ March 22