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「 best girl of 2018 」 - "I Think the first step to understand that forgiveness does not exonerate the perpetrator Forgiveness liberates the victim , its a gift you give yourself" TD Jakes - · So- Now that the bullying arc in Sangatsu no Lion 3 has just ended- and I kinda wanna talk about the whole scenario with Rei , the aftermath with the friend and Hinata as character overall , - So I'll just start with Rei's inclusion with bullying , now coming from a person who had been in Rei's shoes before and had tried asking other people for help to help that specific person , I think if your someone who doesn't have the power or can't directly help that person out , the best you can do is just listen to that person without any doubt about it- I mean for example , look at Rei- He wasnt able to change the whole scenario with the bully and the friend who sadly went to close contact therapy because she had constant mental breakdowns due to the bullying , BUT he was the most the helpful when it comes to Hinata , if he simply wasnt there , she would have entered highschool depressed and had all the self guilt kept inside to have her family and friends happy- like I said , Rei really did save Hinata... But sadly his stubbornness blinds him to this date and he still believes he is in debt to her , but hey- I can relate- · Now the friend- JESUS crust I feel so bad for her , like I was with Rei's homeroom teacher the entire time , You wanna know why? The fact that the friend has to go to close contact therapy and drop out of school to go live in a farm because she can no longer speak with girls her age without having a mental breakdown , granted she gets better AND THE NERVE AND ATTITUDE that the bully's had when they where forced to apologized to Hinata- just... Just I give props for Umino sensei for making a character that really gets under my skin. - #marchcomesinlikealion #sangatsunolion #hinatakawamoto #art #artwork #watercolor #markers #colorpencil #sketch #sketchbook 5 ♡ 1 ✍ March 21