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I know what you’re thinking 👉🏼 “what the hell am I looking at?!?” # First two pics 📷 ➡️ all the LED lights in my bedroom (we will refer to these as artificial LAN 👉🏼 artificial Lighting At Night) # Second two pics 📷 ➡️ the solution to the problem 👉🏼 #lightdims # But why are these a problem, as you can see my bedroom is pretty dark. Well, I’m glad you asked 👉🏼 you guys always ask the best questions. # Historically, we as humans have had our circadian rhythm regulated by 2 lights, sun, and moon/stars. In today’s world, we have a chronic over exposure to light. Anything from streetlights outside, light insides our homes, to lights staring us in our face from phones, tablets, computers, TVs, etc. # What does this overstimulation mean? (Another great question BTW) As many of you know our body produces melatonin at night to help down regulate our blood pressure, body temperature, and glucose levels 👉🏼 this down regulation is key for restful sleep. # There is a group of cells in the hypothalamus in your brain that respond to the light and dark stimulation. When this group of cells is stimulated by light, and yes even the little LED lights in your room, it tells your brain it’s time to wake up the body. It jumpstarts things in your body like raising body temperature and even start raising hormone levels of things like cortisol. # This artificial LAN can cause many problems stemming from the stimulation and rise in cortisol. Main problem 👉🏼interrupting sleep, jacking with insulin levels, how your body responds to food and stores fat, and overall can cause inflammation in the body. # With my day job being physically demanding, and the torture I put my body through with the amount of training I do, I take my sleep/recovery very seriously. And the amount of sleep I do get, I want to be as restful as possible! # Here are some basic things you can do to optimize your sleep: ◼️ Eliminate artificial LAN from your bedroom. ◼️ Lower the temperature in your bedroom ◼️ Take a cool/cold shower before bed to drop your core temperature ◼️ Close your blinds a couple hours before bed, and lower the amount and intensity of light ◼️ Eliminate screens 1hr before bed 17 ♡ 1 ✍ March 21