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How #Facebook made it #impossible to #delete Facebook We’ve adapted our entire #culture around Facebook. That makes “just quitting” easier said than #done. To say Facebook has had a rough time of it lately would be putting it mildly. Between fake news, falling stock, and glaring data breaches, the social media giant is in the middle of a public reckoning (and a self-reassessment) that is perhaps long overdue. But Facebook users, in the middle of what seems to be a moment of broader culturalbacklash against #socialmedia and technology, are also clearly grappling with the ramifications of their use of the platform. Since reports of #Cambridge #Analytica’s massive harvest of Facebook user data surfaced last week, multiple media outlets have responded by reminding an agitated public that they do have options for deleting their Facebook accounts. And while alternative takes have made larger cases against Facebook’s core business model, the emphasis has largely been on users making up their minds about how to deal with the company on an individual level. However, this emphasis fails to take into account both Facebook’s position in modern society and the stakes involved for anyone who chooses to leave a network that has spent more than a decade trying to make leaving it impossible. At this point, “Why don’t you just delete Facebook” is the internet’s equivalent of asking, “Why didn’t they just leave before the hurricane came” — because it vastly misrepresents how embedded Facebook is at every cultural turn most of us take, and deflects social responsibility away from Facebook onto the users who have been directly impacted by the company’s lack of #accountability. There are three main reasons most people can’t just up and leave Facebook, and they all serve to illustrate the extent to which Facebook has altered the landscape of our digital lives. Let’s break them down. 2 ♡ 7 ✍ March 22