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THANK YOU to people like Judith Orloff for writing this book. to Susan Cain for writing “Quiet” - a book i read a few years ago that helped me so much in understanding my needs. to people like @jessicamurnane and @thebalancedblonde for using their platforms to talk openly about introverts, empaths & highly sensitive people. . i am all of these things. i spent my teens & early 20s using alcohol, drugs, food, exercise & people to cope with the uncomfortable feelings & situations that came up in my life. no one ever explained to me i could protect my energy or that i need alone time to recharge or that it’s okay to not like the crowded noisy places that so many of my peers seemed to enjoy. . i’ve spent the last five years figuring out a lot of this on my own (big s/o to “Quiet” by Susan Cain for being there in the beginning) but like damn wouldn’t it have been nice if someone explained this to me when i was younger? i’m so glad there’s resources like this now - for empaths, introverts & HSPs of all ages. . let me know if you’d like to know more about this subject & resources for coping as an introvert, empaths or HSP (because if you fall into one of these categories you likely fall into another). . you are powerful, you have gifts to share with the world & you don’t have to spend your life feeling alone 💞💞💞 . also hi this is my face’s first appearance in a post. . #introvert #introvertlife #empath #highlysensitiveperson #hsp #tbbpodcast #onepartpodcast #holistichealth #holisticnutrition #integrativenutrition #healthcoaching #healthjourney #nourishment #nourishthebody #eatwelllivewell #nutritionist #emotionalhealing #healingjourney #soulhealing #healyourself #healyourbody #mindbodyspirit #mindbodysoul #camaswa #washougal #goodmedicinenutrition 38 ♡ 4 ✍ March 21