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PROUD MUMMA MOMENT 🙌🏼 Monty’s Mum here furiends! I just had to share a proud pawrent moment... and also a little vent! 🙊 • This arvo we went to our fave dog park for a date with our buddy Boss and his Mum Emma. As always we took a footy for Monty to play fetch - and he shares with the other dogs so well so it’s never an issue 💕 • Today there was a pup there who took a liking to Monty and decided he liked him SO much he would ⓗⓤⓜⓟ 🐫 him. Non- stop. For an entire hour. 🙄 Monty did so well and made some snapping motions at him to stop (no biting or teeth), pulled away and moved himself away from this pup over and over. I could sense he was getting frustrated but he didn’t once engage in a fight. • I followed the two of them around a muddy park (while 6 months pregnant) 🅲🅾🅽🆃🅸🅽🆄🅰🅻🅻🆈 pulling this pup off Monty while his owner sat on the chair metres away watching me. 😡 • On this occasion a fight was avoided and we left the park before that could happen, but it could have very easily turned bad. P L E A S E if you take your pup to a dog park, supervise them! If you see your pup constantly annoying other dogs, interject. Stop the behaviour and give them some time away to calm down. Please don’t just sit there and do nothing. They are your responsibility‼️ • I am S҉U҉P҉A҉W҉ impressed with how calm Monty remained - he just kept on playing with his footy! It made me so proud to be his Mum! ☺️ #VentOver • Plush Pet Bed by @indiebohopets 🌵 • ⭐️ D I S C O U N T C O D E S ⭐️ MONTYMOO 👉🏼 20% off @montymooandco MONTYMOO 👉🏼 10% off @happinessisdogshaped ➕•➕•➕•➕•➕•➕•➕•➕•➕•➕•➕•➕•➕ #MyMateMonty #MontyTheModel #BrindlePup #FetchCrazy #BullTerrier #GermanShepherd #Greyhound #ThoseEars #SendADogPhoto #BarkHappy #MyRSPCAPet #TheDodo #PupsofInstagram #RescueLife #RSPCA #SoFetch #Brisbane #Dog_Features #HappinessIsDogShaped #BuzzFeedAnimals #BrisbaneDogSquad #DogsofBrisbaneQLD @dogs @cute_dog_world @animalsgalore_ @buzzfeedanimals @dogsofinstagram @dog_features @bestwoof @sendadogphoto @dogsofinstaworld @rescuedogsofinstagram ✖️•✖️•✖️•✖️•✖️•✖️•✖️•✖️•✖️•✖️•✖️•✖️•✖️ 11 ♡ 3 ✍ March 23