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Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow🍁 ↬ Time for the horse. Probably the most out of you might know that a horse takes a lot of time and a few underestimate that. Also a lot of you asked about our day in general and today we want to explain it more :) Both of us haven't got much time for other interests. We need to look after our dogs, cats (fish) and pony. 4 of 7 days our day looks like this: 5:15 waking up 6:30 school 13:45 coming home 13:50 lunch 14:15 going with the dogs for a walk 15:00 doing something with Lou at least till 18:00 (but often longer, this is just the average) 18:15 going with the dogs for a short time again 18:45 school stuff 19:00 tidy up for our mum 19:30 internet surfing 20:00 visiting our brother and his girlfriend with her daughter for a short amount of time 21:30 internet surfing till we fall asleep ↬ One day we have afternoon-school but ofc we ride Lou later on, too🙃 The other one who doesn't work with Lou that day often does the house work or rides another horse☺ At weekends we are lazy :P ↬ Our schoolfriends (@sv_wb and @black_soul_lenz ) often come much too short - and we are very sorry for that.. Our freetime (like surfing in the internet) is usually completely about horses😂 Sometimes we watch some series like Riverdale or TW :) ↬ #q Do you like those things ⬆️ or is it boring?😊 ------------------------------------------------------------- #horse #pony #passion #l4l #f4f #like4like #follow4follow #equestrian #pferd #dressage #reiter #lifestyle #life #love #welsh #welshpony #photography #ponyrider #neckrope #brownhorse #spit #sweet #kiss 87 ♡ 17 ✍ March 19